Friday, April 22, 2011

As we think of our men and women serving our country
oversea's we must also remember our veteran's of
conflicts from the past that put their lives on line
for a nation they feel deserves the freedom that others
gave their lives for to keep us a free nation.

We are only as strong as the support we give these men and women as they serve and return to
us when their duty is up. Once a soldier always a soldier in uniform and in life. The men in these photo's are Vietnam Vet's
that still give their time to make us proud, God Bless.

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A rose and a violet are the most sought after beauties in the flower world. We want them
for a special person or we just want to share them in our garden for others to enjoy.
I enjoy sharing them with my special other and also growing them in my garden to let
others enjoy as I do. So transfer your yard or sunroom into a colorful sight for all to
enjoy and for you to give yourself a star in the photo field.

As you view my blog I am open to any
comment you feel may help me or give
me any advice that may make my
photography more enjoyable for you,

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Spring bulbs can wake you up to the beauty of a garden and transfer your inside world to the beauty of the outdoor as the bulbs
start their journey to full bloom.
Indoor plants are just as amazing and you get to love them all year round. Than by adding
a touch of light you can bring out the color's of the leaf.
Candy is for real, but seeing a bulb waiting to spring into your world can put a smile on anyone's
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