Friday, November 9, 2012

Thinking Past the Lens and Into the Future:

 As I think ahead into the Photography World.
 I can only feel sad or upset that
Kodak left so many photographers in the dark when they pulled the plug on
printing photo's from a lab that has watched other's go under and had a span of 100 plus years turning out beautiful prints the world could enjoy.
Than to pass all their work or customers onto a second class lab that will never be Kodak Gallery.
 I myself
was lucky to find a new company and
lab to do as I see now, much better work and at a price maybe not quite half of what Kodak was doing for so much more. Maybe they thought they were big enough to charge prices that others could not match. And the latest prints I have done with my new company are outstanding with quality and clear finishes with texture never seen with Kodak. So I guess I am saying thank you to a company that I thought was number one, but was really just a name taking advantage of years of sucess. These five photo's are from
top to bottom called --- Branches Gone
Wild ---- Thin Layer ---- Orange Ice
Pop ----- Old Than a Nation ----- Prom Queen
Maybe my blog is never seen by the outside world.
But I only hope anyone that my see this blog in full will enjoy the true feeling of Photography and Art.
Maybe I see my subjects different than
the Artist, but we both have the love or same feeling of how we plan to display it on canvas or paper.
On November 17th 2012 I will do a craft
show that I plan to have many of my master pieces that I only hope others will stop a clance at and enjoy what I have taken the time to express myself by showing my world to them.
So if by chance you are free on that day
you can catch me at the Four Season's
Club House in Columbus, N.J , from 9am till 3 pm. Photography is a wonderful thing and enjoyed world wide by people like myself with minds that travel into light for a subject waiting to be found. Thank you,
Abby Rose Freelance Photography

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