Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nature in the Nude

Nature in the Nude was started to show how the winter looks on tree's and landscapes without the spring leaves and gardens full of color and new birth. This is really the only time you can see the real shape of a tree as I call In the Nude.

The ponds come to life and the wind moves the bare branches
back and forth

The sky is a true blue when the cold moves the clouds in every direction.
The color's are fresh and it is like you
can hear the sounds of nothing, as the
birds are flying south and the only noise
is your shutter on your camera clicking as
you press the release button. I enjoy doing color and black and white and even brown tone to show that Photography is still alive and enjoyed by many. I hope to put together a book of maybe 50 special photo's with a outline of each picture someday. Anyway enjoy and thank you for following Abby - Rose Photography.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My first wedding by Doug

Even though I went to Photography School and learned everything from basic to pro.
I always had a fear of doing a real wedding on my own. I guess the thought of falling apart and doing what was the most important time of a couples life. Back than everything was film camera's and you had to use your skills to get the perfect photo and hoped the results were there at the end of the day. Today everything is digital and you can see the photo as you shoot it. So what I am saying in todays world it is alot easier. So when my nephew asked me to do his wedding along with another photographer I said why not.
As you can see it turned out well for all of us. I had my first wedding and I made up a wedding album for the bride and groom to enjoy for life. So if you are a beginner or a pro,
remember the chalange you are putting yourself in by saying yes. And take alot of pictures to go over and pick the best to show the newly weds. At my age though I may be doing one more wedding and than I will stay with freelancing photography as I do best. Thank you and enjoy,
Abby - Rose Freelance Photography