Friday, June 28, 2013

Bringing to life the wonder of the Lily

 Planting flowers as a little boy in my parents garden was sometimes boring but other days enjoyed as weeks later my eye's understood the beauty of gardening. Some say geek
and others say cool. I was taught to take care of the landscape and make the outside look refreshing. My family
always had a yard. Some small and others big. My brother and I shared the outside duties. And this is where my garden days began. Every house I had after growing up had some flowers and vegetables of some sort.

And a lily seemed to be a favorite for any yard that was planted. The many color's and styles seemed to catch my eye in the garden center. And as a photographer you
seem to run your lens up and through the garden looking for that special print to shoot and maybe mat
on a mat board to sell or hang on your own photo wall.

My red hot lily was brought to life by using special
on-line tips I picked up while playing with different
ways to bring a photo to the table.
Anyone can take a picture, but learning new ways to explode the print into another world that a new generation will understand best.
Times change but the photo is still the photo. Black and white of yester-years
are still hung in many galleries around the world. And color photo's are the new thinking of todays young or
fast shooting photographers. The field
is stronger than ever and changes in the photo world happen every day. I
myself take pride in black and white and other tones along with color.

As this chocolate lily brings the in between of color and darkness. Never settle for just a picture. Download to your computer and use the tricks and
treats the computer world offer's you. Use your mind when making the final
print to show your friends and family.

And than there is my pink lily that I seemed to treasure most while making this print. Years ago I used a dark room to bring a photo to life. We used chemicals, lights and hours getting a few good prints . Today the fast shooting camera and computer make the prints. With the help of the person pushing the buttons. So enjoy your camera and don't be afraid to take a chance at something you feel will work. Enjoy
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Greatest Rock and Roll Band Ever -- Rolling Stones --

 This is not part of my photography
but I had to share what 50 years of the Rolling Stones have done and still going strong.
No other band in history has stayed together and are still doing tours world wide. I was 18 when
they first hit the states on tour after the beetles landed. Two English groups that changed the
music of a young generation . Today they are on stage doing shows with a much younger crowd
and going up agains't new groups and holding their own.
 Every tour is the last, but the Bad Boys
of Rock seem to come alive and travel the world and still look not as young but full of good times and music that brings the stars and fans out to another concert of Rolling Stones.
 It is amazing how four guys can be friend for so many years and still perform what they do best, Rock and Roll. I myself would love to see them in concert
and be close enough to see Mick Jagger perform up and down stage. I was at a concert in the 80's with
Joan and Robin and was the best. These are not my photo's, but would have loved to be close enough to take them. Enjoy,
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