Friday, April 26, 2013

Abstract Art Photography

 I find myself sharing my photography
on the computer and using some idea's
with other color's and changing the format of a photo. I see a different way of seeing how a artist shows his
or her feelings on canvas as I try to
do when picking the perfect photo from a group of many.Now I see colors jumping at me in all directions
and the results are amazing. The future of photography can only be in
the person behind the lens to capture the moment with a super fast eye that only the true artist photographer can catch. Color's bring results and you may be able to sell more than you can shoot.

With invert of color's on some photo's we can bring to life a negative type of photo that only before could be seen in a darkroom.
And with a sketch print you bring the feeling of using a drawing board and not a camera. With a course in drafting in high school and a few art classes in college I learned you can share these idea's
in photograpghy and still call it Photography.

My blue tone in a garden photo brings only the idea that photography may not only be black and white or a scamble of many color's. You may not understand the theory of my mind , but I see a
landscape or object in other ways that maybe you may not. I was always a fan of color's and trying
to figure out how I could change backgrounds and
bring to life another view from another angle.

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