Friday, February 25, 2011

A few years back my family and I had the honor to view the traveling Vietnam Wall. My best friend Dave's name was pointed out to my family.

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Everyday I think about the men and women serving our country in the states and oversea's. My main concern are the members serving
in a war zone. We take for granted our every day life and maybe forget what is going on in others places. Many of us have served and we
remember not being around family when we served. So if you have a chance to welcome a soldier home or send a card or letter to anyone in the military, do so. It is a feeling for you and it lets them know we care for them and we do think about them. I myself seen the faces of men and women hitting the ground to a group veterans or just all around people saying welcome home. They are so proud to see someone when they come home. Sending a care package to a soldier can bring a smile and enjoyment to them and there buddies. Even a phone card can help them reach out to family when they need to. I served during Vietnam and heard so many stories of how military members were treated. I never seen that myself. I was proud to wear my uniform home and was greeted by so many good americans. Thank you
for letting me serve you proudly.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Untouched Landscape

 The Outer Banks can make you feel like you are on a cloud enjoying the view. The beach is untouched by mankind and the mind can drift when you close your eyes.
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Family Portraits make the best gift you can give each other:

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Abstract and Commercial Photography

Every Photographer enjoys doing the unthinkable
sometimes with his or her work. You change a image
with a lens, computer or just old fashion old school.
With the four jets it was a little lens work and some computer formation work.

                Than we have the bird bath in the bubble that was fun
                to do before the sun set. With the help of my lilies to
add color to the afect.

Only the young at heart can enjoy this magic place

On a special birthday a few years back I was joined by three special family members to celebrate my day at a place we can all
feel young again. And I mean I had a ball and acted like a kid again. And again it was a photo shoot from the first day to the last. This time maybe 600 photo's to add to my collection.
I could see me and the family living out of a RV and going all
over the country. That would be a dream come true. Enjoy

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Times very important in my life:

Looking back at special photo's I find myself seeing why life was so easy back than when I see the family
that shared it with me.My mom and aunt were two
pieces of a journey that made family. We enjoyed
so many good times together that they will always
be in my mind and heart.And the girls on the porch
were mom's,daughters and grandaughter . Pictures
will never fade as we and generations after us enjoy them . So keep them camera's clicking and save them memories for others to enjoy, thanks

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Monday, February 21, 2011

My little Crab

 Walking on a beach in North Carolina I discovered what I
thought was a sand crab. Turns out it was a flowering cactus growing in a sand bank. This was a week of
taking maybe 300 photo's and enjoying two weeks at the beach with my best friend in the world and wife,
Joan and our tag along pet Shannon.
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The Outside World of Photography by Abby- Rose Photography

A Lily caught my eye as I walked around the garden after a light rain.
 This swinging gate to a family farm in West Virginia was a
 photo I could not pass up. As you may see the family had
 a family member serving in the military and the porch and
 fench were decorated. This young man we call nephew and
 are very proud for his service. Thank you Bob
 Snow covered bird feeder after a overnight snow storm. The trees were so covered with snow that after taking this photo the morning
sun came out and the moment was over. You had to be there to be
part of a change that only my lens could capture in time.
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Looking into a lens and what we see as a subject:

Photography can cover many area's and subjects to choose from. The field is
so big that a Photographer can study in one special field like portraits or
the magic commercial field where they can make a career out of anything
from working for a big company to filming for a magazine. Being your own
boss and working as a Freelance Photographer can either make you alot of
money or just do it as a hobby. I myself found doing something all together
working as a butcher for 28+ years and only enjoying photography in my
spare time. As it turns out being a butcher helped me raise a family and
still have time to enjoy the Art of Photography. As you can see I get my
pleasure doing portraits,pets,landscapes and best friend get togethers.
They are all subjects and anyone can make a good living being a self made
Freelance Photographer.I hope one day to get a website of my own to show
my talent to many others and maybe sell a photo or two.Thank you for taking
the time to view my work.
As you can see my love for the Outer Banks can
be seen by the photo's I take of the landscape. Your mind can wander and the sea air can lift you to a
higher level of enjoyment of the outdoor world.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

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My lovely wife Joan with Devon our daughter and Jason our son. I am
so proud how close they all are and share a family bond.
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Mom as we called her never liked when I shaved my
head, but I only did this as the summer months felt better not having hair to deal with. She would be happy to see from heaven that it does grow back.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

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My Photo's are your treasures

Posted by Picasa  Abby - Rose Freelance Photography started with a idea that I wanted to express myself to everyone
how much I feel about the everyday beauty we all share and show this on a picture or photo as I call them.
Photography can never replace the beauty of the art world. Artist as we know are in their own field. They
take many hours to put on a canvas what a Photographer does in so much less time. Their work can be seen
as the beauty of the painter or artist. My work can be seen as a photo that I feel everyone I hope will enjoy
and focus on my beauty of my camera from me to you. I travel anywhere I can catch the special picture for
me and others to love. Thank you for sharing my work and hope you will pass my blog to your friends as well, thank you
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