Sunday, December 9, 2012

These are my lucky SEVEN photo's that sell most at shows:

 I call the top photo big blue because no matter what size
I seem to make it , this is my #1 seller. Taken on a farm in the back woods of West Virginia that a friend of mine has. It was a sunny day and walking down a cliff going to a pond down below and a fall day with leaves falling into place and making it a picture waiting to be snapped. A light blue sun filter
was a must because the sun was over taking me with much brightness. And the cool morning chill
felt good just being myself and silent was all around me. So far I have sold two 20" x 30" to two
young ladies that found it as you say, under their spell. Also have sold three 11"x14" at a craft fair in
other places. I try not to sell doubles unless the demand is there for them. But only order reprints as
   My crab man is a guy thing for someone looking to add to his man cave or den or just hang in a fishing room dreaming of the next catch he and his friends could hit the water for a good time. A recent craft show a woman picked up
three different matted photo's I had of the Outer Bank for a new addition for her den. As you can tell by going through my blog that I preferr the outdoors as most of my subjects. I would be in seventh heaven if I could pack up a camper and go up and down the east coast shoreline and maybe a trip cross country to fill the many wonders I look forwad to shooting my camera. Good Bucket List?
 The tree and barn photo is a referse negative done on the computer that made the print look like a negative. Great color and sharpness turned a so so print into a treasure that someone besides myself would enjoy. And than the photo below was changed with computer images that inhanced the beauty of a canyon that my sister-in-law shot on her travels cross country. She and her spouse both fly planes so this may be shot from the air. Another one for my BUCKET LIST would be a photo shoot from the sky. Not sky diving though.
 Last would be my queen bee out for a sunny snack and using my micro lens to get up in her face. The colors and her shinning coat made the print even more as a selling point to outdoor lovers than my whole animal collection for sale. I try to please all subjects when I display my work at a craft show. Would love to frame all of my work but the price for framming would out do the cost of a matted print. So I leave calling cards on my table to the frammer that does great work for the one's I frame for others or my beautiful wfe to hang as she likes.
So thank you again for taking time to look at my world and hope you pass my blog on to your contacts to enjoy as well. Ever photo you see is for sale so ask if anything catches you eye, thanks
Abby Rose Freelance Photography by Doug
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Friday, November 9, 2012

Thinking Past the Lens and Into the Future:

 As I think ahead into the Photography World.
 I can only feel sad or upset that
Kodak left so many photographers in the dark when they pulled the plug on
printing photo's from a lab that has watched other's go under and had a span of 100 plus years turning out beautiful prints the world could enjoy.
Than to pass all their work or customers onto a second class lab that will never be Kodak Gallery.
 I myself
was lucky to find a new company and
lab to do as I see now, much better work and at a price maybe not quite half of what Kodak was doing for so much more. Maybe they thought they were big enough to charge prices that others could not match. And the latest prints I have done with my new company are outstanding with quality and clear finishes with texture never seen with Kodak. So I guess I am saying thank you to a company that I thought was number one, but was really just a name taking advantage of years of sucess. These five photo's are from
top to bottom called --- Branches Gone
Wild ---- Thin Layer ---- Orange Ice
Pop ----- Old Than a Nation ----- Prom Queen
Maybe my blog is never seen by the outside world.
But I only hope anyone that my see this blog in full will enjoy the true feeling of Photography and Art.
Maybe I see my subjects different than
the Artist, but we both have the love or same feeling of how we plan to display it on canvas or paper.
On November 17th 2012 I will do a craft
show that I plan to have many of my master pieces that I only hope others will stop a clance at and enjoy what I have taken the time to express myself by showing my world to them.
So if by chance you are free on that day
you can catch me at the Four Season's
Club House in Columbus, N.J , from 9am till 3 pm. Photography is a wonderful thing and enjoyed world wide by people like myself with minds that travel into light for a subject waiting to be found. Thank you,
Abby Rose Freelance Photography

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Venus and the Moon with Computer and Art Design , by Doug

These are a few photo's I decided to bring to life after a night of waiting for Venus to cross over the moon surface. The sky was dark and the weather was not in a mood to have a photo study done of the moon , venus or the sky. So I did a photo shoot of the moon as I saw it and turned a little white dot into a gallery of fine colorfull prints to add to my world of photography.
I was never a artist in school but I did take 4 years of drafting and design and than a year of map drafting and design before deciding to study photography in a Community College background with art courses and photography as a second major. Than after two years I went on to study at Antonelli Institute Art and Photography for three more years with degree's in
Commercial and Portrait Photography. But it was years later I learned with the touch of a finger you could bring to life on a computer the photo's you thought were so-so. But never put me in the same room as a real artist. They are the true masters of the canvas with tools they use to bring art to us as never before seen. They are the true , as I say " MASTERS OF THE ART WORLD "

So study my prints or photo's and see what I see as I try to capture what my lens wants me to print and show you
Art from a Photographer can be rewarding and maybe studied a portion of what a master of art brings to the table. Thank you and stay on my journey for future prints from Doug the Photo Bug.

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Venus Passing Across the Moon

 Venus passing across the moon only happens once in a human's lifetime. Seeing it happen last about 6 hours after sunset only if the skies let you enjoy the view. June 5, 2012 was the day that millions or billions watched the show from earth if they could see anything. My night was spent setting up my tripod and super lens with my Canon baby by my side. But clear skies were no where to be found. Only storm clouds and darkness.
But as a Freelance Photographer I enjoyed the sky and hit the shutter button for anything I could catch. Seen here, photo's are the rising of the moon and low cloud cover. But New Jersey was left out as a rain date may be a lifetime away when it happens again. Maybe heaven has a cloud I can set up shop next time around. Thanks for viewing this blog and check out the next or new blog that I turned the little white dots into super photo's with the help of my computer and finger tips.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ultra Macro Flower Photo's

 Ultra Macro Flower Photo's are prints that I played around using the new Picasa Photo Touch Process.
Nothing fancy but changing a few ideas and maybe pushing the limit of darkness or more shadows to give it a deeper image. I look at this as more Art Photography
with not being a true artist. I said this before in other areas that a photographer will never be a true artist. Artist spend hours or days trying to put a masterpiece of one on canvas. He or she may use paint, pencil, clay or
any other form of material to form a treasure. I as a
photographer take maybe one to hundreds ( yes ) of a subject or landscape and than decide what one or two sparks my fire. Sometimes many do and I spread the wealth by changing what you see in different forms. So this is Ultra Macro Photography in many shape and colors. So think beyond the lens and be yourself when
making a presentation or show. Thank you for being part of my journey,

My cousin is a real master Artist in New York and makes a good living at what he does. He followed in his dad's
footsteps as a Artist and is very good at it.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Refreshing a Print with Color and Sketching

 Refreshing a print you may have pushed aside can be a second chance to update a old photo and try new idea's you learned on the web. The keyboard is not just for typing anymore with new buttons and colors to change and even do a sketch of that photo you thought was just so-so. I myself take many pictures of one subject or landscape or just a flower, and maybe use one photo I enjoy the most. So when I have a moment I than return to my web and explore new idea's that can change a photo 100% in the direction of a new enlargement for my gallery. The texture and change in the layout of these two photo's can be seen as a new beginning for the print and myself. So never think you are done learning the camera or turning what you see as a subject into a masterpiece. I look at my albums on a average of 4 to 5 times a week to see what or how I can improve to make you all turn you heads for another look at my work. Thank you for taking that second look.
Abby - Rose Freelance Photography
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Special Affects with camera and computer

 Understanding the affects between a camera and computer can make a simple photo look good or bad.
Maybe the challenge of going into the future and thinking beyond the next step in photography. Taking that risk of good or bad can determine how a real photo should look.

The stream with a shade of tone and shadows can bring color to a black and white print. The running water seems to run past you as you dip a tin for a drink of mountain spring water.

Yellow tone shines the arch and landscape on a so so sunny day while you try to step between the shade for the perfect photo.

 The Red Tin Roof is a fine example of taking a photo to another level. A farm house on a side of a hill can be a Photo
hanging in a gallery by just making a few changes on the web before you send it off to be printed. Think ahead when you
hit the shutter button and turn one photo into many exciting art works. Enjoy
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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Art of a Spider's World and a Preymantis

Giving a photo a different look by playing with tools on a computer screen can bring out the artist in a photographer. But a photographer will never be a artist of canvas. Only
a artist can pull this off with many hours and a eye for painting what only he or she see's. My Spider and
Preymantis were my models when we took a journey to the unknown of
wild color's and differents backgrounds to bring out the artist in me. Enjoy

My Neon Spider was one made into two by dark shadows on a wall. Not
getting close enough made me more
of a micro lens kind of a guy. Canon has some beautiful lenses to push a photo to the limit.

My only regret is in July 2012 Kodak
Gallery will no longer be printing photo's as they have done for 100 years plus. So I must look for a new printer to bring my photo's to life and hope they are as good or better than Kodak has been for me.

My Preymantis was a favorite as I wanted to let it turn the head as I closed in for a shot. The web design was done on the computer and a few tricks I learned down the road. So until I get a new company to print my work I will keep you busy enjoying what my backup photo's you have not seen. And soon to be web site I am planning on getting up and running soon, thank you .

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Monday, March 26, 2012

How Joan and her Amaryllis Story went from a Bulb to a Garden Pot

 The Amaryllis Bulb Joan brought in a garden book she recieved in the mail. It came with a pretty pot and said it would grow in time for the xmas holiday's. So since Joan has her sunroom garden and I my outside garden, she did the planting of a nice size bulb about 5 weeks before xmas. I myself thought maybe one flower would come out of it. But the bulb was bigger than I ever seen. About 2 vweeks before the holiday's a nice size stem was climbing up a stick we put in the pot. This was the beginning of a journey to a monster Amaryllis.
 The first bulb was a photographers dream as I shot at least 60 photo's of the first flower from closure to full bloom. Than we noticed another bulb forming and also two more on each end like a flower cross looking down from the top on a ladder. Than when we thought that was our four flower clover, a bud started forming at the top of the four way cross.
 The holidays were hear and I did a photo shoot of maybe 200 pictures from start to finish on our xmas present to each other. We may have not had a tree this year because we were both a little down, but a Amaryllis can build you up as every morning seemed to be a new beginning for us and the plant.
 As you can see I did some art work to bring the color's and the amazing formation of a bulb to a jem. Even changed filters and gave you a look of different flavors so you could understand the true value of a single plant in a little pot.
 The pure red stone below I had mounted on a 16x20 board that is 5/8" thick to hang on a wall we may or may not have space for. Since as you guess being a photographer our walls are a gallery of Abby-Rose Fine Art.
 The three tones may look as I just changed a filter or two. But sometimes I take 4 to 6 shots of the same object just to get the perfect one.
Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought retirerment would have been so much fun. I know I tend to give my art away or donate it to a good cause for who ever needs money raised for a cause, but someday when I'm sitting on a cloud looking down I hope to see my work or art hanging on someone's wall or maybe a gallery or office building. Thank you for staying with me on a journey I never thought would come to life.
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