Sunday, December 9, 2012

These are my lucky SEVEN photo's that sell most at shows:

 I call the top photo big blue because no matter what size
I seem to make it , this is my #1 seller. Taken on a farm in the back woods of West Virginia that a friend of mine has. It was a sunny day and walking down a cliff going to a pond down below and a fall day with leaves falling into place and making it a picture waiting to be snapped. A light blue sun filter
was a must because the sun was over taking me with much brightness. And the cool morning chill
felt good just being myself and silent was all around me. So far I have sold two 20" x 30" to two
young ladies that found it as you say, under their spell. Also have sold three 11"x14" at a craft fair in
other places. I try not to sell doubles unless the demand is there for them. But only order reprints as
   My crab man is a guy thing for someone looking to add to his man cave or den or just hang in a fishing room dreaming of the next catch he and his friends could hit the water for a good time. A recent craft show a woman picked up
three different matted photo's I had of the Outer Bank for a new addition for her den. As you can tell by going through my blog that I preferr the outdoors as most of my subjects. I would be in seventh heaven if I could pack up a camper and go up and down the east coast shoreline and maybe a trip cross country to fill the many wonders I look forwad to shooting my camera. Good Bucket List?
 The tree and barn photo is a referse negative done on the computer that made the print look like a negative. Great color and sharpness turned a so so print into a treasure that someone besides myself would enjoy. And than the photo below was changed with computer images that inhanced the beauty of a canyon that my sister-in-law shot on her travels cross country. She and her spouse both fly planes so this may be shot from the air. Another one for my BUCKET LIST would be a photo shoot from the sky. Not sky diving though.
 Last would be my queen bee out for a sunny snack and using my micro lens to get up in her face. The colors and her shinning coat made the print even more as a selling point to outdoor lovers than my whole animal collection for sale. I try to please all subjects when I display my work at a craft show. Would love to frame all of my work but the price for framming would out do the cost of a matted print. So I leave calling cards on my table to the frammer that does great work for the one's I frame for others or my beautiful wfe to hang as she likes.
So thank you again for taking time to look at my world and hope you pass my blog on to your contacts to enjoy as well. Ever photo you see is for sale so ask if anything catches you eye, thanks
Abby Rose Freelance Photography by Doug
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