Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nature in the Nude

Nature in the Nude was started to show how the winter looks on tree's and landscapes without the spring leaves and gardens full of color and new birth. This is really the only time you can see the real shape of a tree as I call In the Nude.

The ponds come to life and the wind moves the bare branches
back and forth

The sky is a true blue when the cold moves the clouds in every direction.
The color's are fresh and it is like you
can hear the sounds of nothing, as the
birds are flying south and the only noise
is your shutter on your camera clicking as
you press the release button. I enjoy doing color and black and white and even brown tone to show that Photography is still alive and enjoyed by many. I hope to put together a book of maybe 50 special photo's with a outline of each picture someday. Anyway enjoy and thank you for following Abby - Rose Photography.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My first wedding by Doug

Even though I went to Photography School and learned everything from basic to pro.
I always had a fear of doing a real wedding on my own. I guess the thought of falling apart and doing what was the most important time of a couples life. Back than everything was film camera's and you had to use your skills to get the perfect photo and hoped the results were there at the end of the day. Today everything is digital and you can see the photo as you shoot it. So what I am saying in todays world it is alot easier. So when my nephew asked me to do his wedding along with another photographer I said why not.
As you can see it turned out well for all of us. I had my first wedding and I made up a wedding album for the bride and groom to enjoy for life. So if you are a beginner or a pro,
remember the chalange you are putting yourself in by saying yes. And take alot of pictures to go over and pick the best to show the newly weds. At my age though I may be doing one more wedding and than I will stay with freelancing photography as I do best. Thank you and enjoy,
Abby - Rose Freelance Photography

Saturday, November 5, 2011

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Abby - Rose Photography

The picture in the middle is a little how Abby Rose Freelance Photography came about. I needed a name for our bussiness and I had to check to see if anyone else had the same name and where. Turns out Abby Rose Photography is somewhere in the midwest under the same name but not as a Freelance Photographer. So we took the name and published the name with a law group so it was legal. Our plan is to have a web site under this name and sell The Art of Photography as a
Freelancer. I take many photo's and try to turn them into something we feel the public may enjoy for their walls in their house or office.
So far we may have 200 to 300 pictures or photo's out of thousands we feel could serve this purpose. And once the web site is under way we can break it down into groups such as , Animals, Landscapes, Travel, Portrait and a few other fields. And I would still enjoy doing a family wedding, group portrait, or just enjoy a photo shoot with a person of interest. All our finish products are put together from the lens to the computer for getting the perfect photo and than having Kodak Gallery do the finishing touches on the paper and cropping of my choice. Looking at landscapes and subjects for so many years only lets me pick what I feel is the best photo I feel my be sold to someone.
This is where the ' My Photo's are your Treasures' comes from. This month I will be doing a Holiday Bazaar in Burlington Township at the
Township Middle School which will be on November 19th from 9am to 3pm. So anyone that read this may want to stop by and see for yourself what I see in Abby Rose Photography. Again, thank you for you time and continue to enjoy my Blog.

Making of a Collage

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Farms and Open Space

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Fall Color's of November

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spiders and the micro lens:

Wanted to share my little spider I found hanging out by my rose bush that didn't mind being used as a subject for my photography.
I used my micro lens to get as close as I could to get a good shot. But not to close as I am not a big fan of spiders. So these are just a few that I thought worthy to show. I know I did bugs before but this was a little get down and under the web for a photo. He or she didn't mind though.

I even took this belly up shot as the little guy or girl tried to get away. I am still playing with this lens to get more used to it. Practice makes perfect they say. Not sure if my spelling is good though. Forgive me if not.
Than there is the shadow of the spider that caught my eye as it looks like two but the shadow is less in focus.
My little friend started to get brave as I wanted to get the hairs on the head and maybe a leaf under the web would come into focus. The legs look like crab
legs but smaller. Not sure if I would want to snack on them. So any questions you might have , if I can help I will. Enjoy Abby-Rose Freelance Photography
and share my Blog with your friends. Thanks
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Being Yourself with Disney

Seeing the magic place will always be a special place in my mind and the family
that traveled with me to Florida. Some day Joan and I would love to take our
grandchildren to see the joy of excitement and the thrill of being young over
and over. Joan is making a new friend with Donald Duck while the camera man
does his thing.

The shows and characters are every where you look. So much to see and do,
you need at least one good week in the sunshine state. And lets not forget the palm tree's and beautiful buildings to point your camera lens at and start
shooting. 500 pictures is nothing on a journey like this. And remember that
black and white photo's can be just as rewarding as color. So plan a trip and
enjoy yourself while surrounded by family and friends. Good luck,Doug
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Understanding Nature by Doug

Nature can be looked at in different ways. Rainbows can bring you dreams of a pot of gold. We see them many times and make a wish or two.

Than we have the sky changing as the sun comes up in the early morning as we drink our first cup of coffee. Running for a camera as we know it won't last.

Lets not forget the midnight geese flying past a blue sky with the moon shinning through the geese as they journey on.

And last on our list would be the nasty storm blowing in at night that lets you hope the big tree out front will stay in place.
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