Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sunset on Christmas Day 2013:

 Christmas Day is always special for
me and Joan as we remember our special angel is watching over us trying to keep us happy on a day we both miss him. Never seems to get better with time. We wouldn't have it any other way. Every thing we do on this day or holiday we ask ourselves what would Dougie do and can we do it even better. Sometimes we think the holiday is more about shopping and what we all want for Christmas. But the real reason of Christmas can be found deep in our hearts and looking towards the sky.

I guess on this day as we enjoyed our day the best we could I looked out back around 4 pm and the sun was just beginning to go down and the sky was rich in color's that on a cold day of sunlight I headed outside for a better view. No jacket in hand but my camera on my shoulder. This sky I have seen come and go so fast so many times.So no time to stay warm. Catching a photo moment come's once in a lifetime and this was the day. The sun was out all day and very cold but never did we think the sky would light up.

 Maybe that little boy was sending us a message from heaven that needed our attention and wanted us to think happiness on this day. These are true color's that you see and maybe one was darkened for a better affect. As
you know the sky and landscape around us are my favorites. So if this was a message from heaven on the day after Christ was born, than thank you and God Bless all that may read this in time.

And long and behold it seems every place we live seems to have ducks, seagull's or some kind of flying bird that draws our attention to the sky. On this day was no different as the farm up the street has a monster pond with a horse training track
around it the the mallards (ducks) seem to stay for the winter and keep everyone in tune with the sound of nature. So as I did a photo shoot of the sky the ducks wanted to share the moment of their Christmas noise and I loved it.

You can see in some spots the bright
sunny sky trying to push through the clouds of color and sunset and the naked tree line standing tall as it wanted the color of leaves to return on this day. But as the sun is stronger and brighter ,over the years it tends to make the sky as one beautiful portrait in color
to see from all over the world.
This is the only photo I may have darkened to bring out a sky of darkness and a tree of redness. The limbs are more defined and show energy as they reach for a sky that may be a blanket to rest on.
I hope you enjoyed this Christmas album and always look up as you may see sunshine, rain , clouds, snow , a bad storm coming or just the sound of nature or a shinning in the sky you will never forget. The sky as the ocean holds so much to see and our surroundings are there every day for us to enjoy. Happy Holidays to all and may our men and women in uniform have a great one also. Never forget your past and always look to the future.
God Bless,
Abby-Rose Freelance Photography

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Canon EOS 60D with learning and understanding the future of Photography

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Canon EOS 60D

Had to take a big plunge this week and
purchase a new Canon EOS 60D camera.
Not that my older Canon EOS rebel
was out of service, but it was time to
look beyond the box and advance to the big boy of  camera's.

I have been looking at the EOS 60D
for some time now and with all the
sales going on and saving $300. on
this camera it was a no brainer. I see
that over the years camera's, TV's ,
phones and computers have changed every other 3 to 4 months it seems. Now
I need a degree to learn to use it.

 As I read the photo book I take a few photo's of anything in my view to run a test on whatever I read. To my right you will see a few pictures I am sharing with you as I research the manual and learn page for page. The birds I shot from across the room and through a brown shade to capture a beautiful still life photo.
The fake flowers were also across the room but the color's are outstanding to pass up a moment like this.
I know one question on your mind is, why pots and pans. Had to look up and use the view finder which can change on any angle for high or low shots. And than below I used my computer to enhance a picture with so many idea's you can fullfill your dreams with Photography. And lets not forget my kitchen at night shot with a few digs to change the image and turn a color print into a dark night.

As with so many changes in the photography world we are using new methods to a camera and turning our pictures into Photo Art that may someday hang in a gallery.
My wife Joan had a pumpkin with a blacks bird on it, so before it came down for xmas items I enjoyed the last of fall color's with pushing the computer to show how a picture can run your mind and take chances you may have past on before.
So far the new camera has showed me new ways and with a learning from a manual I may not like but must trust the booklet. I was more of a learn myself guy than going by the book. But in the new world of many buttons, I have changed a little. Thanks for following my blog and hope to give you idea's of the photo world, thanks