Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ultra Macro Flower Photo's

 Ultra Macro Flower Photo's are prints that I played around using the new Picasa Photo Touch Process.
Nothing fancy but changing a few ideas and maybe pushing the limit of darkness or more shadows to give it a deeper image. I look at this as more Art Photography
with not being a true artist. I said this before in other areas that a photographer will never be a true artist. Artist spend hours or days trying to put a masterpiece of one on canvas. He or she may use paint, pencil, clay or
any other form of material to form a treasure. I as a
photographer take maybe one to hundreds ( yes ) of a subject or landscape and than decide what one or two sparks my fire. Sometimes many do and I spread the wealth by changing what you see in different forms. So this is Ultra Macro Photography in many shape and colors. So think beyond the lens and be yourself when
making a presentation or show. Thank you for being part of my journey,

My cousin is a real master Artist in New York and makes a good living at what he does. He followed in his dad's
footsteps as a Artist and is very good at it.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Refreshing a Print with Color and Sketching

 Refreshing a print you may have pushed aside can be a second chance to update a old photo and try new idea's you learned on the web. The keyboard is not just for typing anymore with new buttons and colors to change and even do a sketch of that photo you thought was just so-so. I myself take many pictures of one subject or landscape or just a flower, and maybe use one photo I enjoy the most. So when I have a moment I than return to my web and explore new idea's that can change a photo 100% in the direction of a new enlargement for my gallery. The texture and change in the layout of these two photo's can be seen as a new beginning for the print and myself. So never think you are done learning the camera or turning what you see as a subject into a masterpiece. I look at my albums on a average of 4 to 5 times a week to see what or how I can improve to make you all turn you heads for another look at my work. Thank you for taking that second look.
Abby - Rose Freelance Photography
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Special Affects with camera and computer

 Understanding the affects between a camera and computer can make a simple photo look good or bad.
Maybe the challenge of going into the future and thinking beyond the next step in photography. Taking that risk of good or bad can determine how a real photo should look.

The stream with a shade of tone and shadows can bring color to a black and white print. The running water seems to run past you as you dip a tin for a drink of mountain spring water.

Yellow tone shines the arch and landscape on a so so sunny day while you try to step between the shade for the perfect photo.

 The Red Tin Roof is a fine example of taking a photo to another level. A farm house on a side of a hill can be a Photo
hanging in a gallery by just making a few changes on the web before you send it off to be printed. Think ahead when you
hit the shutter button and turn one photo into many exciting art works. Enjoy
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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Art of a Spider's World and a Preymantis

Giving a photo a different look by playing with tools on a computer screen can bring out the artist in a photographer. But a photographer will never be a artist of canvas. Only
a artist can pull this off with many hours and a eye for painting what only he or she see's. My Spider and
Preymantis were my models when we took a journey to the unknown of
wild color's and differents backgrounds to bring out the artist in me. Enjoy

My Neon Spider was one made into two by dark shadows on a wall. Not
getting close enough made me more
of a micro lens kind of a guy. Canon has some beautiful lenses to push a photo to the limit.

My only regret is in July 2012 Kodak
Gallery will no longer be printing photo's as they have done for 100 years plus. So I must look for a new printer to bring my photo's to life and hope they are as good or better than Kodak has been for me.

My Preymantis was a favorite as I wanted to let it turn the head as I closed in for a shot. The web design was done on the computer and a few tricks I learned down the road. So until I get a new company to print my work I will keep you busy enjoying what my backup photo's you have not seen. And soon to be web site I am planning on getting up and running soon, thank you .

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