Friday, May 27, 2011

Nature in Black & White Photography

Black & White Photography is more demanding in the photography art world as it seems to show better in a
photo art show. This does not mean a
color print would not be in demand to
be purchased in the buyers market.
And since the film of years past and
now the digital world we tend to only
do color prints. I try to do both so I
can show the beauty of black and white and the color's you see through
the lens. Enjoy

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Country Living at it's Best

Living in the country can be a Photographers dream come true. So much nature to choose from while searching for that perfect shot.
I came across this horse farm of beautiful animals just enjoying the winter mix while keeping an eye on my next move. I left my long lens home and had to get as close as I could without scaring them off. As you can tell this is a racing farm for special race horses that have the room to graze and plenty of field to roam.
Nature Photography has always been a favorite of mine as years ago I found myself on a Island in Virginia famous for it's wild horses. I back pack through the Island and on the beach to get the best photo's I needed for my photography course in Philly. Turned out to be a day I will never forget and just being able to track and follow the wild horses to get a photo or two. You never know where your lens will take you and how you would handle the terrian you are in. Last I heard you are not aloud to follow the horses on their space. So I am thankful for the day I could do so. This farm is located in South Jersey where they have many farms that train them for races across the area.
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Walking the distance:

This 1st of May I had the honor of doing a walk for the March of Dimes
with a special person in my life, my daughter Devon. When she told me of her plan to walk and raise money for a good cause I
decided to try and walk myself. I walk Shannon everyday at least twice and thought I had some walking training.
But since it was a 6 mile walk I decided to bring some reading material to rest when I could no longer walk.
But spending the day with my little girl was like running a race and coming in first place with her waiting for me at the finish line.
Anyway we talked about everything under the sun and the time seemed to fly by. Every mile marker they had a table with water and snacks to keep you going. After the fifth mile marker I realized what I never thought was possible. Last time this was done I was a
young man serving my country. So I was pretty proud of what we both did together. Yes ' I ' did the whole 6 miles with Devon in
two hours. And as I looked around it seemed I was the old guy of the bunch. But never count us out what ever age we may be.
Thanks Devon
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