Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spiders and the micro lens:

Wanted to share my little spider I found hanging out by my rose bush that didn't mind being used as a subject for my photography.
I used my micro lens to get as close as I could to get a good shot. But not to close as I am not a big fan of spiders. So these are just a few that I thought worthy to show. I know I did bugs before but this was a little get down and under the web for a photo. He or she didn't mind though.

I even took this belly up shot as the little guy or girl tried to get away. I am still playing with this lens to get more used to it. Practice makes perfect they say. Not sure if my spelling is good though. Forgive me if not.
Than there is the shadow of the spider that caught my eye as it looks like two but the shadow is less in focus.
My little friend started to get brave as I wanted to get the hairs on the head and maybe a leaf under the web would come into focus. The legs look like crab
legs but smaller. Not sure if I would want to snack on them. So any questions you might have , if I can help I will. Enjoy Abby-Rose Freelance Photography
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