Saturday, November 5, 2011

Abby - Rose Photography

The picture in the middle is a little how Abby Rose Freelance Photography came about. I needed a name for our bussiness and I had to check to see if anyone else had the same name and where. Turns out Abby Rose Photography is somewhere in the midwest under the same name but not as a Freelance Photographer. So we took the name and published the name with a law group so it was legal. Our plan is to have a web site under this name and sell The Art of Photography as a
Freelancer. I take many photo's and try to turn them into something we feel the public may enjoy for their walls in their house or office.
So far we may have 200 to 300 pictures or photo's out of thousands we feel could serve this purpose. And once the web site is under way we can break it down into groups such as , Animals, Landscapes, Travel, Portrait and a few other fields. And I would still enjoy doing a family wedding, group portrait, or just enjoy a photo shoot with a person of interest. All our finish products are put together from the lens to the computer for getting the perfect photo and than having Kodak Gallery do the finishing touches on the paper and cropping of my choice. Looking at landscapes and subjects for so many years only lets me pick what I feel is the best photo I feel my be sold to someone.
This is where the ' My Photo's are your Treasures' comes from. This month I will be doing a Holiday Bazaar in Burlington Township at the
Township Middle School which will be on November 19th from 9am to 3pm. So anyone that read this may want to stop by and see for yourself what I see in Abby Rose Photography. Again, thank you for you time and continue to enjoy my Blog.

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