Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Canon EOS 60D

Had to take a big plunge this week and
purchase a new Canon EOS 60D camera.
Not that my older Canon EOS rebel
was out of service, but it was time to
look beyond the box and advance to the big boy of  camera's.

I have been looking at the EOS 60D
for some time now and with all the
sales going on and saving $300. on
this camera it was a no brainer. I see
that over the years camera's, TV's ,
phones and computers have changed every other 3 to 4 months it seems. Now
I need a degree to learn to use it.

 As I read the photo book I take a few photo's of anything in my view to run a test on whatever I read. To my right you will see a few pictures I am sharing with you as I research the manual and learn page for page. The birds I shot from across the room and through a brown shade to capture a beautiful still life photo.
The fake flowers were also across the room but the color's are outstanding to pass up a moment like this.
I know one question on your mind is, why pots and pans. Had to look up and use the view finder which can change on any angle for high or low shots. And than below I used my computer to enhance a picture with so many idea's you can fullfill your dreams with Photography. And lets not forget my kitchen at night shot with a few digs to change the image and turn a color print into a dark night.

As with so many changes in the photography world we are using new methods to a camera and turning our pictures into Photo Art that may someday hang in a gallery.
My wife Joan had a pumpkin with a blacks bird on it, so before it came down for xmas items I enjoyed the last of fall color's with pushing the computer to show how a picture can run your mind and take chances you may have past on before.
So far the new camera has showed me new ways and with a learning from a manual I may not like but must trust the booklet. I was more of a learn myself guy than going by the book. But in the new world of many buttons, I have changed a little. Thanks for following my blog and hope to give you idea's of the photo world, thanks

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