Thursday, May 12, 2011

Country Living at it's Best

Living in the country can be a Photographers dream come true. So much nature to choose from while searching for that perfect shot.
I came across this horse farm of beautiful animals just enjoying the winter mix while keeping an eye on my next move. I left my long lens home and had to get as close as I could without scaring them off. As you can tell this is a racing farm for special race horses that have the room to graze and plenty of field to roam.
Nature Photography has always been a favorite of mine as years ago I found myself on a Island in Virginia famous for it's wild horses. I back pack through the Island and on the beach to get the best photo's I needed for my photography course in Philly. Turned out to be a day I will never forget and just being able to track and follow the wild horses to get a photo or two. You never know where your lens will take you and how you would handle the terrian you are in. Last I heard you are not aloud to follow the horses on their space. So I am thankful for the day I could do so. This farm is located in South Jersey where they have many farms that train them for races across the area.
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