Monday, June 11, 2012

Venus Passing Across the Moon

 Venus passing across the moon only happens once in a human's lifetime. Seeing it happen last about 6 hours after sunset only if the skies let you enjoy the view. June 5, 2012 was the day that millions or billions watched the show from earth if they could see anything. My night was spent setting up my tripod and super lens with my Canon baby by my side. But clear skies were no where to be found. Only storm clouds and darkness.
But as a Freelance Photographer I enjoyed the sky and hit the shutter button for anything I could catch. Seen here, photo's are the rising of the moon and low cloud cover. But New Jersey was left out as a rain date may be a lifetime away when it happens again. Maybe heaven has a cloud I can set up shop next time around. Thanks for viewing this blog and check out the next or new blog that I turned the little white dots into super photo's with the help of my computer and finger tips.

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