Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ultra Macro Flower Photo's

 Ultra Macro Flower Photo's are prints that I played around using the new Picasa Photo Touch Process.
Nothing fancy but changing a few ideas and maybe pushing the limit of darkness or more shadows to give it a deeper image. I look at this as more Art Photography
with not being a true artist. I said this before in other areas that a photographer will never be a true artist. Artist spend hours or days trying to put a masterpiece of one on canvas. He or she may use paint, pencil, clay or
any other form of material to form a treasure. I as a
photographer take maybe one to hundreds ( yes ) of a subject or landscape and than decide what one or two sparks my fire. Sometimes many do and I spread the wealth by changing what you see in different forms. So this is Ultra Macro Photography in many shape and colors. So think beyond the lens and be yourself when
making a presentation or show. Thank you for being part of my journey,

My cousin is a real master Artist in New York and makes a good living at what he does. He followed in his dad's
footsteps as a Artist and is very good at it.

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