Thursday, May 23, 2013

Memorial Day Service in Mansfield , N.J

 I belong to the Mansfield Veterans
 Group and we have a service every
 year for the men and women that
 served our country in time of peace
 or war. We are a small group but as
 the town grows and future veterans
 will take part. Our WW11 vets are
 becoming less as they make their
 final journey to the promise land. And with two wars coming to a close the next generation of Vet's will come forward and carry on what many have started years before.

 Freedom is not something that is free.
 Many lives were lost through many
 wars and hard times that men and
 women step up and serve the country
 we love so much. So as you flip that burger or eat the hot corn at a party or event, remember that the lives of others made this possible for you to
 enjoy, thanks and God Bless America
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