Friday, August 2, 2013

Bringing to Life the Photo or Print Collage

 A collage can be a form of art or just a group of your top prints you want to enjoy all on one photo. As a Freelance
Photographer my field of dreams can be a vacation or just a walk in the woods. A camera is like a wallet, you should never leave home without it. I have and missed so many dream photo's. Call me lazy or just forgetful.
But I still manage to fill my eye's with family, pets, wildlife, indoor studio and and other place my lens take me.
My grandaughter may be my best model, but her sister and brother do well on their own. Everyone loves a camera. Some smile and others just enjoy the moment. And I find a natural pose can do the trick.
 Abby showed me moves like a pro.
Them cartoons must be good help. And my flowers photo's jump at you when all together on paper. I have so many nice collage's that I find myself
changing my desk photo every week.
Also changing the background color will help shine your work and even bring the color's on the subject to life.
When we do a collage we try to fill the frame with at least 6 bto 8 prints.
And some make large with others in
a side view or up and down look.

 Never think you are wrong with what you try. Some of your top artist make a era and never change the look. Do your thing and may it be from the camera or on the computer, bring it to full view. As you see below I did or changed the garden prints to a new high by throwing in a little computer skills and giving what I feel can be called Art Photography 101.
Maybe the two years of Art 101 and 102 helped me with Photography school in the end.And my cousin can be called a real New York Street Artist in the Villege.I love his work and he makes a good living from it.
He is the true Artist. And I am the give it all photographer that enjoys a
good photo shoot. I could never make a living from this, as I enjoy giving my work away to those who enjoy it.
The feeling of someone enjoying what you do make you want to do more.

Than we have the family collage that I did for mom and her 5 girls. Than I
made all a copy and made their day.
A picture will last forever in the hearts that enjoy it. I could never get all 5 together at one time. So the collage
idea came to mind. Even put in a few children and spouse's. So enjoy the field of the collage and show all the talent you have in your heart.

And lets not forget my indoor shoot of house item's that a doll, fruit and plant
will give you a welcome to any home.
The window plant and yellow wall was my best. And the apple made a good half time snack after the shoot.
Your subject matter can be anything you wish and putting it all together is fun. So look around and step outside or walk the beach or back woods and make you own collage.

Last are my four legged babies. A pet
can be your best friend and they love the camera. Shannon the girl in the middle is my top model on four legs. She at 10 years young has had more photo's taken of her than Brad Pitt.
And Mike, Rocky, Shamrock and the rest of the gang are all number one to me. As a rescue dog Shannon helped me through being retired at a young age but never lets me down on any day. She picks me and Joan up when we are down. And never leaves our side. Love is real and having a good friend can be from animal rescue.
Thanks for taking time to read this and stay with me on my Blog of Abby- Rose Freelance Photography.
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