Monday, February 21, 2011

Looking into a lens and what we see as a subject:

Photography can cover many area's and subjects to choose from. The field is
so big that a Photographer can study in one special field like portraits or
the magic commercial field where they can make a career out of anything
from working for a big company to filming for a magazine. Being your own
boss and working as a Freelance Photographer can either make you alot of
money or just do it as a hobby. I myself found doing something all together
working as a butcher for 28+ years and only enjoying photography in my
spare time. As it turns out being a butcher helped me raise a family and
still have time to enjoy the Art of Photography. As you can see I get my
pleasure doing portraits,pets,landscapes and best friend get togethers.
They are all subjects and anyone can make a good living being a self made
Freelance Photographer.I hope one day to get a website of my own to show
my talent to many others and maybe sell a photo or two.Thank you for taking
the time to view my work.

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