Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Photo's are your treasures

Posted by Picasa  Abby - Rose Freelance Photography started with a idea that I wanted to express myself to everyone
how much I feel about the everyday beauty we all share and show this on a picture or photo as I call them.
Photography can never replace the beauty of the art world. Artist as we know are in their own field. They
take many hours to put on a canvas what a Photographer does in so much less time. Their work can be seen
as the beauty of the painter or artist. My work can be seen as a photo that I feel everyone I hope will enjoy
and focus on my beauty of my camera from me to you. I travel anywhere I can catch the special picture for
me and others to love. Thank you for sharing my work and hope you will pass my blog to your friends as well, thank you

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  1. Deep in the southern state of West Virginia a
    lake that draws you into the swamp like feeling
    as you try to understand how life can survive
    under water and still grow.