Friday, February 25, 2011

Everyday I think about the men and women serving our country in the states and oversea's. My main concern are the members serving
in a war zone. We take for granted our every day life and maybe forget what is going on in others places. Many of us have served and we
remember not being around family when we served. So if you have a chance to welcome a soldier home or send a card or letter to anyone in the military, do so. It is a feeling for you and it lets them know we care for them and we do think about them. I myself seen the faces of men and women hitting the ground to a group veterans or just all around people saying welcome home. They are so proud to see someone when they come home. Sending a care package to a soldier can bring a smile and enjoyment to them and there buddies. Even a phone card can help them reach out to family when they need to. I served during Vietnam and heard so many stories of how military members were treated. I never seen that myself. I was proud to wear my uniform home and was greeted by so many good americans. Thank you
for letting me serve you proudly.

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