Sunday, March 25, 2012

Black & White Photography with the Magic of Filters and Computer

 As I said before when I do a photo shoot I drag along two or three camera's just incase I screw up. Not really, one I still use black and white film which is hard to find someone to develope anymore. One day my film camera will be left on my desk. But it served me many good years of picture taking. I also bring a Kodak pocket size didgetal for fast pictures without using a tripod.Anyway you get the picture how ever you do it.

The Weeping Willow and the pond with the Cleveland Pear Branch in black and white brings outstanding depth to why I took this in B&W. Black and white photography seems to
                               show better in art shows or even art
galleries. The days of film are not so
popular anymore as non film camera's
are taking over the industry. But as for
old school like myself I still feel as if I
can use roll film sometimes it make me a better photographer. So enjoy what you do and stay with your dreams what ever they are.

And the Weeping Cherry below without color and using a filter brings the softness of the sky and the none color of the cherry in more white or gray.


Pine Tree's were a favorite of mine since I have lived in New Jersey most or part of my life.Every house I owned had some sort of pine or spruce tree growing. Our last house where our children grew up we had at least 15 spruce and pine tree's along the back fence. And winter came with snow that only a pine or
                                                                                                          spruce tree would make you think of
                                                                                                          Christmas, God Bless

 White Birch Tree's grow strong and seem to live forever as I see so many in the area where I live now. Each one taller than the next. If a tree could talk about the history of a 300+ year town that was farm land and battles where fought with the French and British Wars I could stand by one of these giants and dream about the past that this tree may have witnessed.

 Last would be my oak tree, pond and farm in a distance. The geese seem to enjoy thew pond on a winter day as the buds on the oak start their process of blooming for a early spring. I am proud to say that New Jersey is a state trying to preserve every farm they can buy before a developer turns the area into a housing complex or parking lot. This is why a photo today might not be a photo tomorrow. So enjoy nature where ever you are and support preserving farms or land where you live for your grandchildren and mine. God Bless
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