Sunday, March 25, 2012

Color's of Spring as Weeping Tree's or Gold Forsythia

 The Weeping Cherry is one of many tree's that start our season off with a blooming bang. The Pink flowers and little cherrys are only around to enjoy for maybe two weeks. So a beautiful day sent me out on a journey to capture some of the smell and beauty.
 Than the Cleveland Pear Tree we see on every corner or neighborhood we pass along the highway. And since many of us have allergies, this is the tree with such beauty that makes my nose go crazy. But a picture or photo is more important to show my
friends that nature is blooming. Enjoy
 A branch hanging from a Cleveland Pear Tree with a pond and Weeping Willows caught my eye and had to be taking. But as a no-no, My battery went dead on my canon and my first thought was nwhat kind of photographer leaves the house with a dead battery. As it turns out I bring three camera's when I am in the field. Someone was on my side.
 Lynwood Gold Forsythia's are fast growing shrubs that show yellow for blocks away, but are gone before we know it. This March everything seemed to bloom early because of season changes. So a day like I had was a day that may have to wait till next year if I miss the perfect shot.
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  1. Abby Rose, Love your photos. I'm a painter and with your permission I'd like to paint on canvas some of your beautiful landscapes, seashore, pets. Most of the times I've taken my own photos to paint but I'm delighted with your shots. Best wishes, Isaura

    1. My cousin is a painter in Greenich Village for many years. I
      would be honered if you use my photo's. Would love for you to paint one of them for me also, maybe the cherry blooming one. Send me your email to keep in contact. My email is
      --- ----- Hope to hear from you, thanks Doug , Abby-Rose Freelance Photography