Monday, March 26, 2012

How Joan and her Amaryllis Story went from a Bulb to a Garden Pot

 The Amaryllis Bulb Joan brought in a garden book she recieved in the mail. It came with a pretty pot and said it would grow in time for the xmas holiday's. So since Joan has her sunroom garden and I my outside garden, she did the planting of a nice size bulb about 5 weeks before xmas. I myself thought maybe one flower would come out of it. But the bulb was bigger than I ever seen. About 2 vweeks before the holiday's a nice size stem was climbing up a stick we put in the pot. This was the beginning of a journey to a monster Amaryllis.
 The first bulb was a photographers dream as I shot at least 60 photo's of the first flower from closure to full bloom. Than we noticed another bulb forming and also two more on each end like a flower cross looking down from the top on a ladder. Than when we thought that was our four flower clover, a bud started forming at the top of the four way cross.
 The holidays were hear and I did a photo shoot of maybe 200 pictures from start to finish on our xmas present to each other. We may have not had a tree this year because we were both a little down, but a Amaryllis can build you up as every morning seemed to be a new beginning for us and the plant.
 As you can see I did some art work to bring the color's and the amazing formation of a bulb to a jem. Even changed filters and gave you a look of different flavors so you could understand the true value of a single plant in a little pot.
 The pure red stone below I had mounted on a 16x20 board that is 5/8" thick to hang on a wall we may or may not have space for. Since as you guess being a photographer our walls are a gallery of Abby-Rose Fine Art.
 The three tones may look as I just changed a filter or two. But sometimes I take 4 to 6 shots of the same object just to get the perfect one.
Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought retirerment would have been so much fun. I know I tend to give my art away or donate it to a good cause for who ever needs money raised for a cause, but someday when I'm sitting on a cloud looking down I hope to see my work or art hanging on someone's wall or maybe a gallery or office building. Thank you for staying with me on a journey I never thought would come to life.
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