Friday, May 11, 2012

The Art of a Spider's World and a Preymantis

Giving a photo a different look by playing with tools on a computer screen can bring out the artist in a photographer. But a photographer will never be a artist of canvas. Only
a artist can pull this off with many hours and a eye for painting what only he or she see's. My Spider and
Preymantis were my models when we took a journey to the unknown of
wild color's and differents backgrounds to bring out the artist in me. Enjoy

My Neon Spider was one made into two by dark shadows on a wall. Not
getting close enough made me more
of a micro lens kind of a guy. Canon has some beautiful lenses to push a photo to the limit.

My only regret is in July 2012 Kodak
Gallery will no longer be printing photo's as they have done for 100 years plus. So I must look for a new printer to bring my photo's to life and hope they are as good or better than Kodak has been for me.

My Preymantis was a favorite as I wanted to let it turn the head as I closed in for a shot. The web design was done on the computer and a few tricks I learned down the road. So until I get a new company to print my work I will keep you busy enjoying what my backup photo's you have not seen. And soon to be web site I am planning on getting up and running soon, thank you .

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